Illustration for article titled Break up with your wallet. Meet the CardNinja.

Summer is in full swing, which means shedding layers like a pro. Why not start by trimming down that intimidating and unsightly bundle that is your wallet? Wallet replacements are everywhere, but few actually succeed at helping you ditch all that cumbersome bulk. The CardNinja, available on Grand St., provides a quick-access, minimalist wallet substitute that attaches to the back of nearly ANY smartphone to hold your cash and cards with security and style. Achieve near invisibility of your cards and cash with this easy-to-carry covert mercenary.


The real novelty of the CardNinja is the magic with which it grips your cards and cash such that nothing falls out...ever. Multiple tests of shaking and tossing our smartphones (with care, of course) proved to be futile: the cards didn’t budge, even with a single card inside. It can hold up to eight cards and cash, and comes in three colors to match your personal style.

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