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The PowerShare Reactor is a sleek powerstrip and surge protector for your USB-charged devices, and they're now available 10% off. This stylish 5.1 Amp hub charges all your phones and tablets at once, providing a solid charge on up to 4 devices simultaneously.


Grab one at Grand St. (in black or teal) for $45 after you apply the 10% discount code 'GAWKERTEN' at checkout. Order before December 18th and the PowerShare Reactor will ship in time for delivery before Christmas.

Plug in this handsome little tower and you'll have quick access to three 1.0 Amp USB ports for your phones, mp3 players, eReaders, cameras, game controllers and more, plus a 2.1 Amp port for your power-hungry tablet.


It's a great addition to your workstation, freeing up the ports on your computer for actual data use, or in the home as a dedicated charging spot. Surge protection keeps your devices safe, and better power technology limits "vampire drain" by the hub, saving money and energy.

The Details:

  • 5.1 Amp USB surge protector and charging station
  • Three 1.0 Amp USB ports for phones/devices and one 2.1 Amp port for tablets
  • Powered by a standard AC plug

This thing is saving you a handful of outlets - at least four on your wall and the two-plus on your computer. And since it's capable of outputting 5.1 Amps total at a time (three 1 Amp ports and one 2.1 Amp port), you can plug into all 4 ports and be sure you're getting a very solid charge on every device.


The PowerShare Reactor USB Hub (10% Off on Grand St.) with discount code 'GAWKERTEN'

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