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Space heaters increase the temperature, but are usually quite ugly. Keep warm and contribute to your interior design with Anna. These space heaters use modern heating technology to pack enough power to beat the next arctic vortex while looking great, now available for 10% off at Grand St with discount code 'HEATERUP10'.


The bitter cold is no match for Anna, minimalist space heaters that give any room some necessary extra degrees. In both Large and Little versions, Anna heaters keep you warm while looking cool in a special to Gizmodo readers.

Both versions feature a modern, self-regulating positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating element. In layman's terms, small ceramic pieces, or stones, limit the amount of heat emitted from the product – once the desired temperature is reached, the heater plateaus. Both Anna sizes feature two power levels with outputs of 800-1,500 W and 700-1,200 W for Large and Little, respectively. Plug Anna in any outlet and prepare to get toasty.


The Details:

  • Self-regulating PTC ceramic space heaters
  • Anna Large dimensions: 5.8 x 14.5 x 3.7 inches, 4.3 pounds
  • Anna Little dimensions: 5.8 x 9.3 x 3.7 inches, 3.3 pounds

The heating situation in offices and even at home can be unpredictable, but space heaters tend to add little to the look of a room. The Anna heaters by Stadler Form let you have your cake and "heat" it too, providing high-voltage warmth through sleek design. This award-winning piece was created like all Stadler Form products – to overcome the traditional "ugly duckling" quality of many home appliances and earn a more coveted display than under your desk. Its minimalist grill, glossy white finish, and unimposing size make Anna the coolest way to keep warm inside.


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