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The Firefly is the first portable convection vaporizer that delivers a new puff of efficiency to your combustible activities. Convection is the optimized way to enjoy herbs and tobacco, using uniformly heated air to burn materials in a smooth and delicious way - now available for $270 on Grand St.


There's a reason why your mom loves her convection oven: Efficiency.

The Firefly uses the same principles to preheat air moving through your combustibles, providing an optimized method for extracting flavors and active ingredients. Firefly makes this advanced technology portable – now superb herbal convection is easily transported in your bag or coat pocket. Firefly optimally heats materials to avoid waste and gives off a smoother sensory experience, so combustibles taste, smell, and feel better.


The Details:

  • Heats instantly, up to 400 degrees
  • Fully-charged, removable high-powered lithium polymer battery provides up to 50 puffs
  • Recharges in just 45 minutes
  • Borosilicate glass heating chamber lights up when you puff

As legislation moves into the 21st century, so does design. If there's a Holy Grail of vaporizers, there's a good chance the Firefly is a contender for the title. The Firefly packs a super efficient convection technique into something that's perfect for the coffee table, or for carrying around discreetly. If you have a little extra room, the Firefly is certainly worth its weight in optimization.


>>Start enjoying yourself discreetly with the Firefly Vaporizer, now available on Grand St. <<

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